Exercises in Public budgeting

Exercises in Public Budgeting

Exercises in Public budgetingLibrary of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Lynch, Thomas Dexter
1. Budget-United States-Problems, exercises, etc.
I. Title
HJ2051.L925-1983 350.72’2’0973 82-9796
ISBN 0-13-294082-5 AACR2

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While this book is primarily my own work and responsibility, other writers have contributed some exercises. Sydney Ducombe produced the ZBB Exercises and A. John Vogt produced the Preparation Exercises. In addition, Susan Threldkeld assembled Appendices A and B, Moreover, credit for many exercises throughout this book must go to the Management Sciences Training Center, U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Thanks are extended to Jeannie Swain and Dixie Jennings for typing, research, and other essentials. Thanks also to the reviewers, including Carol Lewis and Carol Barry.

Thomas D. Lynch
North Miami, Florida

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