Contemporary Public Budgeting

Contemporary Public Budgeting
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1. Zero-base budgeting-United States-Addresses, essays, lectures. 2 Budget-United States-
Addresses, essays, lectures. I. Lynch, Thomas
Dexter, 1942-
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Contemporary Public Budgeting is designed to complement this editor’s earlier text, Public Budget in America (Prentice Hall, 1979). In a textbook, I found it impossible to present anything more than the basics of modem budgeting. This reader brings together articles published in The Bureaucrat, the Public Administration Review and previously unpublished material. Each article was selected on the basis of helping the reader understand the contemporary nature of public budgeting. The authors, a blend of academicians, and professionals, explain today’s public budgeting in such a manner that the news stories have more meaning and the subject of budgeting becomes more relevant.

The field of budgeting is experiencing future shock. In writing a textbook, one is painfully aware of the explosion of new ideas, professional developments, new publications, and interesting research efforts in progress. This reader is an attempt to provide more depth to the recent developments in the field. It should help us, for a short time, to better appreciate the contemporary before it also becomes history.

Please note that an appendix contains study and review questions. These should help the reader reflect upon the chapters, and provide possible essay test questions for an instructor who might adopt this book for classroom use.

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Thomas D. Lynch

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