Administration Public Vol 9 No. 1

Entrenching Ethical and Moral Behavior in the South African Public Sector

V G Hilliard & Thomas D. Lynch

South Africa, since 1994, has once more entered the global community. This means that South Africa may neither be able to call back the past to excuse present unethical behavior. nor can it rest on its post -apartheid laurels. A global perspective demands a totally different approach to morality and ethics in the new South Africa. The article advocates a global virtue ethics approach to ensuring that all South African public servants embrace virtuous ethical behavior and morality that would be expected and required from an international public servant.

This article discards the notion that regime values can serve as a basis for ethical behavior. South Africa found that regime values under the apartheid government did much harm to the country. Under the post-apartheid dispensation regime values are once again being called into questions. Insolation is not the ideal option and therefore. South Africa would have to adopt a global approach to ethics and morality. This, in effect, implies that South Africa must view its ethics and morality in terms of how the international community perceives and practices it.

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