The Word of the Light

The Word of the Light
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ISBN: 1-883697-51-4
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-075003


This book is titled The Word of the Light because is about God’s spiritual wisdom found in the fundamental writings of every religion. In those writings. “light” and “word of the Light” are common metaphors for spiritual wisdom. The assertion that spiritual wisdom is the permanent universal truth of God raises some problems. One is that many people and groups claim to know the spiritual wisdom on virtually every subject. Conversely, many others claim that spiritual wisdom does not exist.

Given these conflicting claims about spiritual wisdom, how can we decide what spiritual wisdom is? The sciences use the Scientific Method of decide “Acceptable knowledge or truths,” but postmodernist philosophers argue that realistically there cannot be any universal truths about god or anything else (Grenz: 1996). Although we understand that philosophy has not developed any totally accepted proof for the acceptance or the denial of God’s existence, we wrote this book under the assumption that God does exist, simply based on our faith. We also believe He has been communicating His spiritual wisdom to humankind continually throughout time and that we can read that wisdom in the most sacred books of the world’s religious traditions. To isolate the spiritual wisdom used in this book, we applied the simple method of consensus. If a given spiritual wisdom is common to the five major current religious traditions (i.e., Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam), we consider the spiritual wisdom as universal and authentic.

© 1998 by Thomas D. and Cynthia E. Lynch

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