Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management
Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial ManagementEdited by
Jack Rabin
Thomas D. Lynch
(public administrator and public policy; 12)
includes indexes.
1. Budget–Addresses, essays, lectures.
2. Finance, Public–Addresses, essays, lectures.
I. Rabin, Jack [date]. II. Lynch, Thomas Dexter,
1942- . III Series.
HJ2005.H27 1983 350.72 82-22140
ISBN 0-8247-1253-6


A pronouncement that the decades, of the 1980s and 1990s are to be eras of scarcity for government is a statement taken at face value today. Moreover, few will argue that coping with budgeting and finance in the public sector requires considerable management and decision-making skills.

This Handbook provides in-depth descriptions and analysis of the major areas in budgeting and financial management. As such, it is designed as the major desk reference which any public administration practitioner or academician may need. Thus, while the reader will find essays describing methods and procedures, he or she will also discover philosophical approaches and arguments.

Indeed, the Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management is the kind of “encyclopedic” approach required for this fast-changing field. The editors welcome comments and suggestions from readers so that any future works will have the benefit or reader’s response.

about the book…

Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management offers a comprehensive, single volume source of up-to-date information at your fingertips. Each chapter in this outstanding guide-written by 25 leading authorities in the field-provides complete coverage of a specific topic, facilitating quick, sound, day-to-day judgments. This encyclopedic monograph presents in-depth essays describing all the methods and procedures of budgeting and finance, as well as philosophical approaches to, and arguments on, subjects discussed.

Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management provides indispensable information and techniques for public administrators who must keep abreast of up-to-the-minute changes in the field…academicians who need a convenient,readily available reference…graduate students who require a reliable, primary text on budgeting for courses including Introduction Fundamentals of Public Budgeting, Planning and Programming in the Public Sector, Introduction to Public Finance, Public Budgeting and Decision Making, and Budgeting Policy and Analysis…libraries and offices of planning commissions, and federal, state, and local, agencies who want to provide staff and personnel with the finest resource of information available.

Jack Rabin
Thomas D. Lynch

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